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Participation Declaration And Disclaimer

Honest declaration for joining the guided tours provided by

The Undersigned, ………………………………………………………………………… with the following ID ………………………………………, I hereby state that I am healthy and physically and mentally fit to join the guided tours that involve the driving of electric scooters on sidewalks, pathways, parks and public roads.

I have read the terms and conditions for these events published at: , and I fully agree with them.

By signing this document I honestly declare that:

  • I fully understand the risk implied by driving an electric scooter on public streets.
  • I am dressed according to the weather conditions and I am wearing my own helmet or the one provided by the staff.
  • I will respect and follow all advice and indications provided by the local guide during the briefing period as well as during the guided tour.
  • I have considered my health and ability to complete the tours. I am confident that my health and safety and that of others will not be put at risk whilst participating in the Tour.
  • I will inform the guide if I have any health problems that could prevent my driving capabilities and also if my health condition changes during the tour.
  • I will not consume alcoholic beverages or hallucinogenic drugs during or before the guided tour.
  • I’m fully aware by the health risks involved with this outdoor activity that involve me or other traffic participants. I fully exonerate and the local guide that leads the tour from any liability in case of accidents or injury.
  • I understand is not responsible for unexpected delays (e.g. road closures due to fire, rain, flood or other calamities) resulting in the cancellation of the tour or the shortening of my trip.
  • I will not damage deface or destroy any equipment supplied by
  • I agree to comply with’s Etiquette Policy to: – Follow the guide’s instructions; – Act in a safe and responsible way at all times; – Not to disturb or pollute the environment, for example: landmarks, attractions, forests, etc; – Dispose of all rubbish correctly; – Not to smoke during the tour (unless advised as permissible by your guide at designated tour stops); – Not to dispose of cigarette butts in the natural environment at any time (fire and environmental risk) .
  • I have read the Tour Itinerary for this tour with and have read and understood this Participation Declaration and Disclaimer.

Important: You must not participate in our guided tours (or selected activities) if you believe, or have reason to suspect, that your health or physical condition may put your safety or that of other participants’ safety at risk. If unsure, please speak to your guide before the Tour begins. Please be aware that even if you feel able to participate, you may be refused to participate or continue at any stage of the Tour on the grounds of conduct and behavior that puts others at risk (inclusive of medical grounds). To help you assess your ability to participate, please encircle any of the health issues below below if they apply to you or children in your company.

  • Had surgery in the last 6 months
  • Had a seizure in the last 6 months
  • Broken bone, limb, joint or back injury
  • A heart condition
  • A respiratory condition
  • Low vision or blindness
  • High or low blood pressure
  • Medication I need for the tour
  • Diabetes
  • I am pregnant
  • Another health concern that may be relevant (please specify)


By signing this document I warrant I understand that:

  • I agree I will participate in the Tour at my own risk.
  • I agree to indemnify, against any loss, damage or claim suffered arising out of, or in any way in connection with my participation in the Tour, or a breach by me of the Terms of this document (to the extent permitted by law).
  • and its authorized sub-contractors have the authority to use and reproduce any photographs taken of me during the Tour for any purpose including display and sale by or on behalf of without any compensation. Photographs remain copyright to and must not be reproduced or used by me or anyone I authorize for any commercial purpose, including promotion of any supplier’s products or services, without’s prior written permission.
  • will rely on this Declaration and is not responsible for my decision to participate.
  • Whether or not a person has previously purchased a Tour, may, for whatever reason and in its absolute discretion, refuse them participation on the Tour.

PRIVACY STATEMENT: understands that the information supplied in this document is personal and confidential. It will not be used for any marketing or promotional purposes, and will not be sold or distributed to any third party. After the Tour, this document will only be recovered for the purposes of confirming your participation or to defend any action. Queries in connection with this document should be addressed to the Managing Director, via email: