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Electric Scooter Rental In Poiana Brasov

Electric Scooter Rental In Poiana Brasov

Tours in Poiana Brasov focus on sightseeing, fresh air and the pleasure of riding the electric scooters. Tours are flexible depending on your location. We can pick you up from your hotel and start the trip from there. We’ll cover all the main streets from Poiana. You will be able to enjoy nature and the enchanting sounds of the forest.

Our routes stretch all the way from the Alpin Hotel to the Aurelius complex, the Teleferic Hotel and the Kanzel cable car departure. We will also reach the gondola departure point and stop for drinks or refreshments at the Rossignol Pub. The Ana Sportul Hotel is also included in our tour. Here you will be able to check out the Bradul slope, one of the most crowded beginners ski slope of the country (during wintertime, of course).

We will also drive by Poiana Brasov’s Leisure Center. A stop can be included if you’re interested in an wall-climbing adventure, a mini-golf game or perhaps a bowling round.


A 15-minute drive away from Brasov’s old city at an altitude of about 1000 meters.



Fresh Mountain Air!