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Central Park Electric Scooter Ride


The Central Park’s promenade is in most cases both our meeting point and the tour departure point. The wide and long alley is a great location for your warm-up with the electric scooter. After setting up your helmet and adjusting the wireless audio guide system you will receive a brief how-to training from one of our local guides.

You will learn the commands of the escooter as well as some tips that will make your escooter ride more comfortable. Before our departure from the Nicolae Titulescu park you will receive a couple of minutes time to ride the Ninebot ES4 and get accustomed with all modes and commands.

Fact: We won’t embark on our route until all tour participants are able to safely control the electric scooter! The departure signal will be given by our private tour guide.

The Central Park is in most cases also the end point of our tours!

Important: Due to safety reasons tour participants are required to ride in a pre-determined formation behind the tour leader! The only part of the tour when the rider is allowed to accelerate freely is in the free-ride zones. These spots are agreed with the local guide before the start of the tour. Thank you for your understanding.


Located outside of the fortified walls on the eastern border of the former medieval city.



eTours Start&End point.