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Brasov Citadel Tour

Brasov Citadel Tour

The Brasov Citadel is located on an important defensive position, placed outside of the fortified walls. It started with a defensive tower early in the 15th century. A wooden bastion with 4 cannons was added in 1524. The structure was destroyed 5 years later by Petru Rares’ army. In 1554 the defensive structure was rebuilt under the form of a citadel. Stone walls were erected and trenches were carved to keep enemies at a distance.

A fire in 1618 produced substantial damages. In 1625 the citadel was rebuilt again. Two years later an 81m deep well has been added. In 1630 the 4 bastions, one in each corner have been added. One century later the citadel lost its importance and was turned into a warehouse.

In the XVIIIth century it became a prison and from 1954 it hosted the state’s archives. After a big restoration in 1981 it became a medieval touristic attraction. Nowadays it’s renowned for providing impressive views towards the old town as well as the new city!


At the top of the Cetatuia hill, 10 minutes away from Brasov’s central park.