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Extended Brasov Old City Tour

Extended Brasov Old City eScooter Tour

This 2-hour ride on the outskirts and inside the former Medieval city of Brasov will allow you to explore 25 vestiges of the once heavily fortified complex of Kronstadt!

Brasov Old City Escooter Tour Tampa Promenade

 2 – 3 Hours /  6 – 10 km / Red Line
  Private Guided eTour
 50 € / 250 RON – per person
 Departures: Booking based!

  •  Explores over 25 landmarks of the Medieval city!
  •  Complete tour of the  fortified complex!
  •  Discover Brasov  with a private local guide!
  •  Rich with culture and history!
  •  Pass through all important sights!
  •  Wireless audio guiding system included! (English, German, Romanian)
  •  Photo service (on demand)!
  •  Driver’s license is not required!




Starting Point: Central Park (Gear presentation; Quick eScooter riding class; Warm-up!)

Route: Central Park -> Main Gate -> Black Street Gate -> Tiles’ Bastion -> Lower Tampa Promenade (Along the Walls) -> Draper’s Bastion -> Carpenters’ Tower -> Hunters’ Tower -> Rope Makers’s Bastion -> Upper Tampa Promenade -> Shoemakers’ Tower -> Weavers’ Bastion -> Catherine’s Gate -> Schei Gate -> Rope Street -> Council Square -> Council House -> Black Church -> Horse-Fair Gate -> Blacksmith’s Bastion  -> Black Tower -> Behind the Walls  -> Graft Bastion -> White Tower -> Strapers’ Bastion -> Customs’ Gate -> Goldsmiths’ Bastion -> Central Park.

Fact: Ice cream tasting and stops for drinks are possible if requested!

Ending Point: Brasov’s Central Park

Brasov Old City EScooter Tour Demo

Tour Map