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Brasov Council Square Attractions

Brasov Council Square Attractions

The Council square was a famous market place during the Medieval times. The square officially obtained the rights to host markets in 1520. However,  it has been the place for weekly and annual markets since 1364. Merchants from the country as well as foreigners came to trade their products within the walls of Brasov.

The council square is surrounded by 18th-19th century houses, most of which are labeled as historical monuments. The most important building of the square is placed in the middle. The former Council House was built in 1420. It now houses the Brasov County Museum of History.

Next to the Council house towards the middle of the square there was a pillory. It was used for public humiliation, punishment and scorn against those that broke the rules of those times. In medieval Brasov the death punishment was available and used against sorcery and other crimes.

The Council Square hosts other important buildings like the Orthodox Church, The Muresenilor House museum, the Museum of Urban Civilization, the Hirscher House as well as numerous indoor and outdoor restaurants. It provides access to the the picturesque pedestrian-only Republicii street which is also filled with terraces, coffee shops, restaurants and shops.


This is Brasov’s km 0. One of the most important landmark of the medieval city of Kronstadt.



Brasov County History Museum

Museum of Urban Civilization

The Muresenilor House