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Catherine’s Gate, Schei Gate & Rope Street


After completing the ride of the Tampa Promenade our electric scooter tours continue with two important entrance gates in to the former medieval city of Brasov: Catherine’s Gate and the Schei Gate.

Catherine’s Gate (1599)
Also known as: Porta Superior, Porta Corporis Cristi, Porta Sanctae Katherinae, Porta Vallace, The Upper Gate.
The Catherine’s Gate was placed in front of the North-Western quarter which was of the same name during the Middle Ages. Until 1820 it was the only access towards the suburb of the Schei.
The outer tower is the only element preserved from the former fortified ensemble of the Gate. It had a rectangular plan of 70 meters in length and 50 meters in width sticking out the precinct walls. It was protected the same as the North-Eastern side, by we moats and ponds. The square tower was initially situated in the Northern corner of the complex. The roof is surrounded by four round turrets (symbol of jus gladii – death punishment) the Tower of the Catherine’s Gate is one of the most representative monuments of the Reinassance style in Transylvanian architecture. On the main facade, above the access a carving in stone showcases, the Brasov Coat of Arms, the name of the alderman Johannes Benkner and the year of construction: 1599.
The other construction of the former Catherine’s Gate’s system (including the round Puppes Tower placed on the South corner of the complex) have been demolished in 1827, during the construction of the Schei Gate.
The Tower of the Catherine’s Gate was restored in 1971-1973 and 2006.

The Schei Gate
After admiring the first access gate between the medieval city of Brasov and the Schei District, we will use the nearby Schei Gate to enter the old town. This larger gate was built in 1827 and 1828 to fit the heightened traffic of the era. Catherine’s Gate was closed and used as storage.
The Schei Gate is made of stone, The arhitecture is classical. It resembles a triumphal arch with three openings. The middle arch, designed for traffic, is larger, and on its sides there are two smaller and lower openings for pedestrians.
The construction date is embroded with Latin inscription on the wall above the pedestrian arches. They also inform us that the gate was built after the Emperor of Austria Francis I visited Bra┼čov, in 1817.

The Rope Street
Also known as String Street was built as an access passage for firefighters between Poarta Schei and Cerbului Street. It was first mentioned in the 17th century, the Rope Street is one of the narrowest streets in Europe, with a length of 80 meters and a width of 1.11 to 1.35 meters.
In 2018 the street has been turned into a street art gallery. Young artists from Brasov painted the walls and the windows. There are 27 windows open towards the Rope Street!


Along the former Western border which separated the Brasov old town and the Schei District.