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Brasov Black Tower

The Black Tower

The fortified complex of Brasov had four (4) observation and defense towers placed outside of the walls They acted as independent fortifications. The Black Tower is one of them and has been preserved up to this day. It has a height of 11 meters and was built in the XVth century on a cliff of the Warthe hill. It’s a donjon-style square shape construction that includes embrasures, 6 on each side. It has a pointed roof and the base thickness of its walls is 2 meters.

This fortification was towering above the Schei District and had the role to prevent intruders from reaching the city walls. Back in the days the cliff was only 5 meters away from the walls (it was enlarged in 1819-1820). The Black Tower was connected to the nearby Blacksmiths’ Bastion with the help of a mobile bridge.

On July 23, 1559, a thunder struck the tower, causing a fire which damaged the compound. The black smoky color gave is the origin of the name of this tower. Another unfortunate event occured in July 1991. After a heavy rainfall, the side facing the city collapsed. The tower was restored in 1995. This is when the existing glass roof was also mounted.


Access to this tower is done by foot. It’s a 5-minute walk from the behind the walls alley.