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Along The Walls Tampa Promenade


After a short warm-up in Brasov’s central park (Nicolae Titulescu), most of our tours head towards the Tampa Promenade. Here you have the opportunity to ride along the walls of the old fortified complex of the Medieval city of Brasov. The promenade stretches along the foot of the Tampa Mountain (peak of 960 meters) and offers a great view of several vestiges from the above mentioned fortified system. In the order of exploration we have the Drapers’ Bastion, the Powder Store Towers and the Rope Maker’s Bastion.

The Draper’s Bastion is located in the south-eastern corner of the former fortified city of Brasov. The walls are up to two (2) meters thick. In the upper part they used to have crenels and inside there are several circular galleries that allowed the defenders’ vital access to the embrasures. Initially, this defense tower was assigned to the Goldsmiths’ Guild for maintenance. Between 1521 and 1522 the guild made some changes to the bastion. A report dating from 1562 mentions that there were 10 bombards from Prague and 16 heavy rifles inside the bastion. In 1646 the City Council entrusted this bastion to the Drapers’guild!

The Carpenter’s Tower (former Powder Store Tower)
A rectangular tower used for storing of gunpowder was restored under the program of restoration of the fortified complex of the Medieval City of Brasov and was renamed as the Carpenter’s Tower. It currently houses the wood carving workshop of the Romanian artist, Ioan Croitor-Bradescu (a wood carpenter that lives in a small village in the Carpathian Mountains).

The Hunters’ Tower (former Powder Store Tower)
This rectangular tower was also storing gunpowder during the Middle Ages. However, during the restoration process described above it was renamed as the Hunters’ Tower. The tower is located in the proximity of the Suisul Castelului Street that communicates with the Castelului Street (Burggasse), which leads you to the Sforii Street (Rope Street) or Schnurgasschen (German) which possibly is the narrowest street in Europe!

The Rope Maker’s Bastion (Die Seilerbastei)
The curtain wall of the city going along the Tampa Mountain is discontinued and strengthened by the Rope Makers’ Bastion. This structure is shaped as a hexagon inscribed in a semi-circle. Records document the arson of the bastion in 1641. The reconstruction was accomplished in the same year. This structure was again engulfed in flames during the great fire of 1689. Later on, the bastion served as a warehouse of the Rope Makers’ guild. In 1894 the Rope Makers’ association sold the land and the bastion to Karl Ganzert, an industrialist of Brasov. The new owner decided to tore it down. One year later he built a new house on the spot where the warehouse once stood. The house is partially visible today.

The Arts’ Tower (former Powder Store Tower)
This is a third tower that was used for storing gunpowder which has been restored and renamed as the Art’s Tower. It is also rectangular shaped as all other powder store towers. It currently houses various art exhibitions.


Stretching across the southern border of the old fortified complex of Brasov.