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Upper Tampa Promenade


After completing the lower Tampa Promenade we climb the spectacular pathways towards the upper promenade. Here we cruise back east to take one more spectacular look at the fortified towers and bastions that we reviewed during the lower promenade ride. Next, we stop at the Tampa water spring. Here you can fill up your bottle with fresh mountain water and recharge your batteries.

During the upper promenade ride we also reach the starting point of the Tampa Cable Car. There’s an option to embark it if you choose a Customized Brasov eTour and mention that you want to include the cable car ride in your trip. We will park the electric scooters next to the cable car and climb towards an altitude of 960 meters. Sightseeing is at its best at the top of the Tampa mountain. You can enjoy breathtaking views towards the Schei District and the Brasov old town.

The Weavers’ Bastion
Before leaving the upper Tampa promenade we reach this important bastion. It’s located in the south-western part of the fortified city. This structure was built in two stages. The level corresponding to the first two inner defense galleries was erected between 1421 and 1436. The upper galleries were added between 1570 and 1573. This is confirmed by the inscription on the north-eastern tower of the bastion. According to Medieval custom, it was assigned to the Linen Weavers’ guild for maintenance and defense. The construction spreads on 1616 square meters. Its walls (with a base thickness of up to 4.3 meters) are pierced by embrasures. The bastion can be entered underneath the gate tower, through a vaulted corridor. In 1800, a hall was built in the bailey where the guild celebrations (weddings) were held. Nowadays it hosts the permanent exhibition of the Brasov County History Museum entitled “The Medieval City of Brasov and the Fortifications in Barsa Land.”


At the base of the Tampa Mountain, in the south border of the former medieval fortified complex of Brasov.



Tampa Cable Car