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Romanian Sphinx And Ialomicioara Cave Day Trip From Brasov

Romanian Sphinx And Ialomicioara Cave Day Trip From Brasov

Explore Romania’s beautiful mountain landscape during this spectacular day trip from Brasov. Our adventure starts early in the morning in Brasov. We drive for one hour to Sinaia. From here we start our ascension of the Carpathian mountain on the famous Transbucegi mountain road.

We will stop several times to admire the landscape from sightseeing spots available at the side of the road. Another stop is made at the Bolboci dam. From there we head to discover the Tatarul Keys and Bolboci lake. Our first important stop is at the Ialomicioara cave.

This attraction located in the Bucegi mountains, is one of the most popular Romanian caves. It’s situated at an altitude of 1,530 meters (5,019 feet) above sea level. Visitors can go as deep as 480 meters inside of the mountain up to an area where the stalactites are formed as if they would like to form an altar. The cave has been recently refurbished and the walking corridors, bridges, lighting and sound systems have been fully modernized.

One of the main attractions of the Ialomicioara is the Bear Hall. It’s the largest cavity of the cave. Bones and even full skeletons of the Ursus Spelacus Blum have been found. The cave bears have populated the region over 10,000 years ago. A skull of this animal is displayed in the cave.

After we finish the Ialomicioara cave tour we will also take a look at the monastery found at the entrance of the cave. The orthodox landmark dates from the 16th century. Our day trip continues with a drive to the Bucegi Plateau until the Piatra Arsa parking, situated at an altitude of around 2,000 meters (6562 feet) above sea level. From here we start a one-hour hike until the popular Babele and Sphinx landmarks.

The Romanian Sphinx is a spectacular natural rock formation found in the Bucegi Natural Park at an altitude of 2,216 meters (7,270 feet) above sea level. The odd formation is considered one of the “Seven Wonders of Romania.” Over millions of years, the wind and other natural elements carved the nearly 12-meter-tall (40-foot-tall) rock until it resembled to a human face. In fact, from a certain angle, its outline resembles the Great Sphinx of Giza, located in Egypt.

Because of this the Romanian Sphinx is shrouded in mystery and conspiracy theories. Some claim that the Egyptian Sphinx was manually carved to resemble the one from Busteni. Others say it’s a strong energetic force field, one of the three supposed chakras available on planet Earth. Others claim that an ancient civilization carved it to honor a supreme god. Others go all the way and  claim aliens are somehow involved. They go with the theory that the Sphinx sits atop a cave guarded by an impenetrable force field. The mysterious cave might potentially  store a special collection containing all of humankind’s knowledge and secrets.

No matter if you believe any of the legends or not, the Busteni Sphinx is waiting for you at the top of the Bucegi plateau as it has been for millennia. Visit it together with us and see if you can experience the supposed energy field surrounding it!

After we energize ourselves at the Sphinx and Babele millennial mountain rocks we hike back for 45 more minutes and return to the car. We drive back to Sinaia and then back to Brasov!

Towards the bear hall of the Ialomicioara cave.

 Full Day /  125 km / Private Car, Mini-bus
  Private Guided Tour
 85 € / 425 RON / person (discount for groups!)
 Availability: Daily (Booking only!)

  •  Spectacular day trip in the Bucegi mountains!
  •  Breathtaking mountain scenery!
  •  Explore Ialomicioara cave with a private local guide!
  •  Energize yourself at the Romanian Sphinx !
  •  Moderate hiking involved!
  •  Languages: English, German, Romanian.
    Included: Transport, Local Guide, Water, Tickets.
    Not Included: Food & Drinks.


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Starting Point: Brasov (Direct pickup from your location). We can pick you up from a different location too. WhatsApp us for a quote!

Route: Brasov -> Sinaia -> Bolboci (Sightseeing at the dam) -> Tatarul Keys (Sightseeing of the caves) -> Ialomicioara Cave (Tour of the cave) -> Bucegi Plateau -> Sphinx & Babele (1-hour hiking) -> Sinaia -> Brasov.

Fact: All tours can be customized. Route, as well as schedule can be adjusted to match your requirements! Contact us for more details.

Ending Point: Brasov. (In case of special requirements we can also end or start the tour in/from Bucharest, drive you directly to the airport or to any other requested location. Extra charges will apply in this case.)

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